Once upon a time there was a piece of polystyrene (EPS) which was cut with a cutter or with a little manual arch through a hot wire; it was about the half of the last century when the polystyrene (EPS) began to spread in the theatrical and cinematographical scenografy field.
Today, in the new millennium, the expanded polystyrene (EPS) has ben added to the extruded polystyrene (XPS) and the technology has deeply developed infact, both of them can be cut by machines, which are computerized system which, through a wire getting hot, in an absolutely automatic way, make extremely complex cutting and shapes, with high speed and excellent precision.
Besides, an always active research is working on the high visive impact finishing products for EPS and XPS.
Chrono International, a young leader farm, located both in Italy and in Usa, in the hot wire cutting system and finishing products for expanded foams (EPS XPS), is proud to explain in the pages of this site all the news about this field, walking next to you for every step of the way which leads to the discovery of this “adventure”...