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Standard equipment
Thermal compass cutter
Electronic controller wire reserve: 2 rm forming wire Control software RotoCUT
User manual
forming wire adapter

The RotoCut thermal compass cutter is designed for civil construction applications. It is an ideal complement to typical thermal cutters available on the market. The compass cutter uses a resistance wire, heated to 800°C (1472 F), to cut curved elements in materials of up to 130 kg/m3 density. The digitally controlled motion of the heated wire causes the surrounding material to vaporize, producing a precise and even cut.
Any shape you can imagine. The forming wire (1.5 mm diameter) is capable of producing an incredible variety of shapes. Shapes created with this method can have any kind of notches, curves, angles, or even cavities. Shaping can be applied to nearly 360 degrees of the outer surface of elements.
The ability to create curves of a predefined radius is unique among thermal plotters available today. Using RotoCut you can create curved elements as large as 5 m (16.4 ft) in diameter with a very high precision. The cutting implement leaves no visible marks in the material. The simple design of the device ensures that the cutting process runs at a high speed, and can be applied to nearly 360 degrees of the element's surface.
The cutter works at a linear speed of 1000 mm (3.2 ft) per minute, in both automatic and manual control modes. The fast and efficient process also ensures high quality and precision of curved shapes.